January 3 – Middletown 366


Middletown (Connecticut) January 3
“We are desired to publish the following paragraph as it is a known truth, and will be a gratification to the curious, and may prove of real utility.
Within the course of three weeks past, a child, who immediately after his birth measured between twenty-one and twenty-two inches across his shoulders, was born in this town, and both mother and child now enjoy as good a share of health as is usual in so short a time after child-birth.” –From The Pennsylvania Packet, Feb. 2, 1786.


On this day in 1914, Middletonians received some good news to start the new year via The Penny Press.  The crime rate was decreasing. Despite a 50 percent surge in the city’s population since 1888, crime had actually declined significantly over the past 25 years.  In December 1913, local police made 55 arrests, compared to 62 arrests during the final month of 1888.  Officials cited a new judicial policy of stiffer sentences for vagrants combined with a strong suggestion to leave town as causes for the downturn in arrests.

Story contributed by Marnie Goodman.



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