January 9 – Middletown 366


Acts of Piracy in Cuban Waters

“January 9:  Schooner “Emily” of Middletown, Archibald Robbins, master, bound from Matanzas to Havana, boarded by pirates, the crew maltreated and ship looted. Robbins twice hauled up by neck to peak downhaul. …” –From the Hartford Courant, Jan. 15, 1922


On this day in 1958 Middletown weathered its worst storm in nine years. Between 10-15 inches of snow fell in a blizzard which cut power in some 18,000 homes across the state, forced at least 100 drivers to abandon their vehicles, closed down schools, and was credited for the death of 8 older Connecticut residents, who suffered heart failures while shoveling.

Hartford Courant headline

Photo from the Hartford Courant.

Story contributed by Deborah Shapiro.

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