January 12 – Middletown 366


On this day in 1801, proMiddletown Bank noteminent gentleman, merchants, traders, and others of Middletown met in Mrs. Sarah Goodwin’s Tavern to vote on the establishment of the Middletown Bank. The bank began with $100,000 in capital, and was first established in the home of Nehemiah Hubbard Jr. on Main Street. It was just the eleventh bank to be organized in the United States, and the fourth oldest in Connecticut. In 1813 the bank built its first branch on the site today occupied by Bank of America on Main Street. The first and largest bank in Middlesex County under national charter, the bank was nationalized in 1864, and thus became the Middletown National Bank.

From The Hartford Courant of Jan 3, 1926:

“The signers of the Declaration of Independence were still living, and the heroes of the Revolutionary War were still being feted by the people of the country that had so recently won its battle for independence when the doors of the Middletown National bank were opened to the public for the depositing of savings and making of loans.”

Story contributed by Deborah Shapiro.


Coasting Accident on College Street

Wesleyan Student Thrown from Ripper Is Now Suffering From Concussion of the Brain.

Middletown, Jan. 12
“Harold Rogers of Meriden, a Wesleyan freshman and a nephew of Cephas B. Rogers of Meriden, one of the Wesleyan trustees, is at the Psi U. house on High street suffering from concussion of the brain as a result of a coasting accident on College street about 10 o’clock last evening. Near the corner of College and Broad streets a lot of students on a “ripper” were going down the street with John M. Davis, 1905, at the steering gear. As Broad street was reached the ripper began to swerve and finally crashed into the curb in front of James Longworth’s residence. Most of the students were thrown off, Rogers among them. He landed on his head against the curb. Dr. Calf was called and found concussion of the brain. Today when the doctor called theire was not sign of paralysis or hemorrhage, so that the outlook is favorable for complete recovery. Rogers is a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity and is being cared for at the chapter house.” –From the Hartford Courant, Jan. 13, 1905


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