1908: Embezzler Warren Nabbed in Michigan

He Left Middletown Office in August With Shortage of $10,000.

Marshall, Mich., Jan. 23.–“Sheriff Graham was notified today of the arrest at Denver last night of Fred Warren, alias N. F. Warren, alias F. H. Howard, who is wanted by the police here on a charge of embezzling $1,500 involved in some life insurance premiums and policies.

The prisoner is said to have worked at the insurance business in Boston, Chicago, St. Louis and in Grand Rapids, Mich. It is said that the police of other cities besides Marshall are seeking an interview with him. There is some question about the man’s home, for conflicting reports represent his wife as residing in Michigan and also as living in Middletown, Conn.


Frank A. Warren while living in Middletown was an agent of the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company and left the city and his office on August 8, 1907. He had been suffering from malaria for a time and nothing was thought of his absence for the first day when it was discovered that his wife did not know that he expected to leave town. A hurried examination of his books was made and this was followed by the swearing out of a warrant for his arrest on the charge of embezzlement.

Experts were put to work at his books and while the insurance company would give no figures on their loss the shortage was said to amount to $10,000. Warren had been in the employ of the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company for several years, but had been in Middletown for about fifteen months, coming, it was said, from Texas. He was remarkably successful as an agent and had sold nearly $200,000 in insurance while in Middletown. A few months before his disappearance he married a Middletown girl and the couple lived at South Farms.” –From the Hartford Courant, Jan. 24, 1908.

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