1897: Long Lost Man Returns

Disappeared Mysteriously Thirteen Years Ago and Turns Up Insane.

Middletown, Conn., January 30.–“After a disappearance extending over a period of thirteen years, Bartholomew O’Keefe, long given up for dead by his relatives, to-day turned up, a candidate for commission to the Connecticut hospital for the insane. This morning Officer Loughlin of the New Haven police force, reached here having in custody a man whom he supposed was James Carey. The man was released recently from the New Haven jail, and as he had exhibited signs of insanity and his home was in Middletown, the New Haven authorities sent him to Middletown. Loughlin delivered the man to the selectmen. A policeman was summoned and he recognized in the supposed Carey, Bartholomew O’Keefe, who mysteriously disappeared in 1883. He will be confined in the retreat.”– From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, N. Y.), Jan. 31, 1897.

Connecticut Valley Hospital, 1886
Connecticut Valley Hospital circa 1890.

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