1883: The Late Mrs. Samuel Russell

Mrs. Samuel (Frances) Russell
Mrs. Samuel (Frances) Russell

“The late Mrs. Samuel Russell, of Middletown, Conn., willed the Russell Free Library $40,000; the Domestic Missionary Society, $2,000; the American Bible Society, $1,000; the American Tract Society, $1,000; the State Industrial School for Girls, $1,000; the Middletown Charitable Society, $500; St. Luke’s Home, $500; the Indian Hill Cemetery Association, $300; and the rest of the estate, about $700,000, to individuals.”–New Haven Register.

2 thoughts on “1883: The Late Mrs. Samuel Russell

  1. What a magnificent photograph of Frances Russell ! Can you give information as to its source? the photographer? where it was taken – photographer’s studio? Russell House?
    She would appear to be dressed in mourning garb – perhaps for her husband?
    Currently, the chapel (1869) she had built in memory of her husband, Samuel Russell, is undergoing restoration. Check out its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Indian-Hill-Cemetery-Chapel-Restoration-414244271975732/?fref=ts

    Thanks for this posting!


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