February 2 – Middletown 366


‘Job Drain’ Aids Nearby States

Middletown, Conn.–(AP)–“U.S. Rep. Robert H. Steele, R-Conn., said Tuesday Connecticut has suffered a “job drain” of thousands of manufacturing positions since 1954 to the advantage of its Northeast neighbors.

“The biggest beneficiaries of our job loss were our immediate neighbors,” Steele said at a news conference.Robert H. Steele

Using figures from a three-month study of business statistics–which he said had never been compiled before–Steele said thousands of industrial jobs have drifted across the state’s border into New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other Northeast states.

The jobs did not go to Taiwan, Japan or Germany–” not even to our Southern states where many believe most New England industry moves,” Steele said.

“Although a number of firms with new jobs have been brought into the state we have been bringing them in the front door and losing them out the back door,” said the Second District congressman.

Steele said Connecticut has “lost” 123,000 manufacturing jobs and $900 million in annual payrolls since 1954. That is a gross figure, he conceded, saying that the net loss since 1954 was 13,000 jobs. And during the same 18-year period, non-manufacturing service jobs rose from 444,000 to 773,000.” –From The Bridgeport Post, Feb. 2, 1972.


Main Street Roof Collapse

Main Street Roof Collapse 2011On this day, the roof of the building located at 505 Main Street collapsed under the weight of ice and snow from a major nor’easter. The home of the accounting firm Guilmartin, DiPiro, and Sokolowski, the building, which had a basketball court on the third floor, was originally the home of the St. Aloysius Total Abstinence & Benevolent Society. The Society sponsored activities as an alternative to alcohol consumption. Many Middletown residents who attended St. John’s School remember participating in gym classes in the building that was 120 years old at the time of the roof collapse.

Story contributed by Deborah Shapiro.


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