February 3 – Middletown 366


Exhibits From the World’s Fair

Observatory Hall, Wesleyan UniversityMiddletown, Conn., Feb. 3 (Special).– “The mathematical models which were purchased from the German University exhibit at the World’s Fair have been received. The money for these purchases, about $750, was given by ex-Senator Ebenezer Hill, ’70. The collection, which is the only complete one of its kind in this country, was made by L. Brill, of Darmstadt, Germany. Many of the models were designed by the brother of Herr Brill, who is a mathematical professor in the University of Munich, and some are the work of the more advanced students. The models illustrate all the laws for the projection of lines both in space and infinity. They also show the propagation of light waves and many of the laws of physics. They will be mounted in Professor Van Vleck’s mathematical room in Observatory Hall.”– From The New-York Tribune, Feb. 4, 1894.


Wadsworth DAR Celebrates 25th Anniversary

On February 3rd, 1917 Wadsworth Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution celebrated their 25th anniversary with a gathering at Wedgewood Hall. The Chapter Historian, Sarah W. Terrill, presented the day as follows:

“Mrs. Wm. W. Wilcox Jr, a charter member, was the hostess of the afternoon […] The program consisted chiefly of reminisces by charter members. Mrs. G. Brown Goode’s excellent paper gave an account of the early days of the National Society and told of the difficulties attendant to its formation. The constitution was revised by George Shields Attny General of the United States. Mrs. Goode paid a high tribute to the splendid work of our first Pres. General Mrs. Benjamin Harrison. As Mrs. Goode was unable to be present, her paper was read by Mrs. Karl P. Harrington. Mrs. Frank B Weeks there read a very interesting paper on the making and adoption of the By laws for Wadsworth Chapter. She told of the first [?] of organization, giving unstinted praise to the efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Goode in aiding the little band at that time. It was interesting to learn of the naming of the chapter: that the By-laws were carefully drafted is proved by the fact that few changes have been necessary during the past twenty-five years. Mrs. Jas. H. Bruce’s paper on the earlier labors and leaders of the Wadsworth Chapter followed.  Mrs. Brue treated the subject in her usual impressive manner, bringing out clearly the strong, as well as the amusing points. She praised our early leaders and their labors, the results of which have been so helpful to our growth and prosperity. All the papers were enthusiastically received and it was voted to give them to the Historian for preservation.”


Her reminiscences, as well as the papers in question, are included in the “Volume II, Historian’s Reports, Daughters of the American Revolution, Wadsworth, Collection of Books and Papers,” held by Godfrey Memorial Library (www.godfrey.org). The Wadsworth Chapter (www.wadsworthdar.org) is still active and will celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Story contributed by Bryna O’Sullivan.

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