1857: Threats of Lynching

Middletown, Conn., Feb. 11.–“There is a great excitement here growing out of an assault committed by Captain De Kay, of New York, upon Walter S. Carter, editor of the Middlesex county Argus.– The circumstances are as follows:

Carter’s paper had been sent to Mr. Harwood, Professor in the Berkeley Divinity School. But the latter not having subscribed for it, sent a polite note requesting its discontinuance. Carter published a very insolent article abusing the Professor and his family. Capt. De Kay, who is a brother of Harwood, met Carter in a book store, asked if he had written the article, and on his admitting it, flogged him very severely.

Carter was so terribly beaten that he lies in a critical condition. De Kay was to have been examined to-day, but it was postponed to await the result of Carter’s injuries.

In the meantime there is great excitement against De Kay, and a strong posse is in force to prevent violence, as there have been demonstrations showing that he may be lynched if he gets into the hands of the people. Every lawyer in town has refused to defend him.”– From the Louisville Daily Courier (Louisville, Ky.), Feb. 17, 1857.

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