1884: A Lunatic Shoots His Parents

Sudden Outbreak of a Released Asylum Patient.

[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]

Middletown, Conn., Feb. 19.–“William Williams, aged thirty-six, was three weeks ago released from the insane asylum in this city, at the request of his father, an elderly farmer resident in the adjacent township of Middlefield. Since that time William has been living quietly at the home of his parents. This morning, while Mrs. Williams was at work in the kitchen her crazy son rushed into the room carrying a double-barreled shotgun. “I’ve come to kill you, mother,” he shouted. The terror-stricken woman screamed and begged him to put the gun down. He answered by pointing the weapon at her head, and discharging one of the barrels. The larger part of the charge of shot took effect in the back of her neck and the base of her head. Amos Williams had heard the screams and the report of the gun and hurried into the house. He attempted to take the gun away from his son, but the latter overpowered him, chased him into the yard, and fired the second barrel. The shot struck the fleeing father in the wrist and arm. Neighbors who had heard the report overcame the lunatic before he could reload the gun. It is thought that the mother will die.”– From the New-York Tribune, Feb. 20, 1884.


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