1920: Parson Cuts Hair of Flock, Touring Circuit in an Auto

When the Roads Are Blocked With Snow He Does Double Service.

Middletown, Conn., Feb. 26.–In these days when a haircut costs 50 cents, the roads are piled so high with snow that it is hard to get to the barber from the back districts. So the Rev. George B. Gilbert of this city, an Episcopal missionary, has taken to cutting hair, along with preaching.

Mr. Gilbert was brought up on a farm in Vermont and learned to cut hair there, in winter evenings, but he is no mercenary hair-chopper. When his auto is heard chugging past one of the country school houses the teacher hurries to “flag” him, so to speak. Thereupon Mr. Gilbert comes in and cuts the children’s hair without charge.

He says that it is just as important to shear the locks of his flock as it is to preach.

From The Evening World (New York, N. Y.), Feb. 26, 1920.

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