1851: Serious Fire at Middletown, Conn.

Sunday, March 2d

A fire broke out in this city at 1 1/2 o’clock this morning, in J. Parmelee’s variety store, and spread to the store of J. C. Beebe’s adjoining, and to the block owned by C. Elliott, and occupied by H. & F. Johnson, shoe store; A. Putnam, book bindery; Baines’s Telegraph Office; F. A. Grant, barber, and the “Sentinel & Witness” office–all of which establishments were destroyed. The goods were removed from the stores in all the blocks adjoining, damaging them to a considerable extent. Stephen Crittenden’s loss was about $2,000; insured for $1,200. Beebe lost $200, and Putnam $1,000, saving nothing and having no insurance. Baines’s Telegraph Office, nothing saved and no insurance.– Elliott’s building was insured $3,100. The loss in the “Sentinel & Witness” office was $2,500; insured for $1,500–books and papers all lost.– Johnson’s insurance on his stock will cover his loss. Grant’s, the barber’s loss, is $300.

From the Poughkeepsie Journal, Mar. 8, 1851.

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