1899: A Stamping Combine

President Eppenheimer of Brooklyn, However, Denies an Announcement From Connecticut.

Middletown, Conn., March 3.–The announcement is made by President Joseph Schneider of the Eastern Tinware Company that the plant of that company at Portland, Conn., and the plant of the American Stamping Company at Brooklyn, have been sold to the combination known as the National Enameling and Stamping Company, with headquarters in New York.

President Emanuel Eppenheimer of the American Stamping Company was seen at his office 103 North Third street this morning.

“We have two factories,” he said. “In addition to the one here we have a plant at Portland. The National Enameling Company was formed some time ago. Neither the Eastern Tinware Company nor the American Stamping Company have anything to do with this company. The announcement of consolidation or sale is premature. It is all in the air.”

President Eppenheimer would not admit that a sale had taken place.

From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, N. Y.), March 3, 1899.




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