March 9 – Middletown 366


A Crazed Young Woman’s Suicide

Middletown, Conn., March 9.–Miss Julia Hall, of New Canaan, daughter of Russell Hall, the banker of that town, committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a locomotive on the Connecticut Valley division of the New York, New Haven and Hartford road. She was instantly killed and her body was frightfully mangled. Miss Hall was recently sent to the insane asylum here from New Canaan, and committed the act while out walking with an attendant, whom she eluded.

From the Harrisburg Star-Independent (Harrisburg, Pa.), March 9, 1893.


Boy Soprano Extinct

Middletown Conn.–(U.P.)–The boy soprano is extinct in this city of 22,000 persons. The church of the Holy Trinity has abandoned its boy choir after more than thirty-five years because of lack of talent.

From the Lincoln Evening Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska), March 9, 1929.



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