1898: Had a Right to Marry

Springfield, Mass., March 10.–“R. P. Newton, a lawyer from Richmond, Va., and Effie Inglis, a bright and prepossessing woman of 19, of Middletown, Conn., came to this city for matrimonial purposes. They secured a certificate from the town clerk in West Springfield, but before the marriage was performed the father of the intended bride, John Inglis, swooped down upon the couple, and prevented the union.

He ordered them detained at the police station until he could read up the law applying to the cases of minors taking on marriage ties. When he learned that his daughter was of marriageable age, and that he could not legally interfere, he consented to a ceremony. The couple went to West Springfield and were married yesterday afternoon in the presence of the bride’s father and the police matron.”– From The Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, N. H.), Mar. 10, 1898.


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