March 22 – Middletown 366


Found Her Wayward Daughter.

A 19-year-old girl ran away some weeks ago from the reformatory institution in Middletown, Conn., where she had been put by her mother. Her mother heard that she had come to this city, and asked Police Commissioner MacLean to help find her.

Last night Detective Brett of the West Thirtieth street police found the fugitive in a disorderly house in West Thirty-second street. The girl was taken to Police Headquarters. She went under the name of Ada Shepard.

From The Sun (New York, N. Y.), March 22, 1892.


General Electric Business.

The General Electric contemplates resumption of work at its factory in Middletown, Conn. There is no question that the business of the General Electric is in the most satisfactory condition as far as volume is concerned.

From the Wall Street Journal, March 22, 1895.


Classified Ad

Expense, time, labor saved in freezing cream. Frozen Facts for Facilitating Fast Freezing, forwarded free. Pamphlet by a very retired crank. Autosoin Co., Middletown, Conn.

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY), Sunday, March 22, 1903.

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