March 25: Middletown 366


By Going Without Breakfast Some People Hope For Relief.

Middletown, Conn., has probably the most novel organization in existence. It is called the Go-Without-Your-Breakfast club, and the members are all dyspeptics. They hope by abstaining from eating breakfasts to effect a cure of the malady from which they are suffering. The theory that breakfasts are a fruitful cause for indigestionĀ had its origin with a leading physician of Middletown. During sleep, he claims, the muscles of the stomach are resting. Gastric juice, that indispensable element for digestion, is not supplied then, nor is a sufficient quantity created in the stomach to digest a meal until nearly noon, or, rather, not until three or four hours after rising. If breakfast is eaten it is merely rolled around the stomach. Consequently the stomach ferments and produces material for discomfort in mind and body. Nature supplies only enough pepsin during 24 hours for two meals a day, and noon and evening are the proper times to eat. Accordingly, no breakfast should be eaten.

Hunger and appetite are two different sensations. Appetite can be indulged, but hunger must be satisfied. One should eat when hungry and then a good appetite will be enjoyed. The good results of this treatment are claimed to be these: Your normal weight will be gained; overfat people will lose their oppressive pounds and the lean will take on good flesh. The brain will be clearer, the nerves steadier, the muscles stronger and the spirits brighter. Brain workers and physical toilers will find that they have uniformity of ability for application. It is a remedy which does not need money or time, only some resolution and courage to break up a habit. It is not a hardship, except in imagination, for as a usual thing one is not hungry at breakfast time. If some inconvenience is experienced at first, the feeling is simply the “dying agonies of a bad habit.” Before condemning it give the cure a trial during a month. After one week, and sometimes sooner, its followers will feel themselves in better condition for all kinds of work.

In towns and communities which have been struck by the cure whole households have abandoned the old style of breakfast as soon as the family are dressed and the go-without-your-breakfast cure is declared to be the solution of the diet problem. At any rate, that is what is said by the people who have tried the cure. In Middletown, where the breakfast cure is followed with enthusiasm, the college professor and the theological student greet each other in the morning with the question:

“Did you go without your breakfast?”– Chicago Chronicle.

From The Wyandott Herald (Kansas City, Kansas), March 25, 1897.


Main and Washington Streets 1939
Corner of Main & Washington Streets, March 25, 1939.

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