March 28 – Middletown 366


Buyer of House Must Return $30,000 Painting He Found

Middletown, Conn., March 28.–Albert J. Conlin of Plainville found a valuable fifteenth century painting in a house which he bought from Mrs. Ethel L. Simington, but Judge Frank P. McEvoy has ordered him to give it up.

The painting, said by experts to be “Abraham’s Sacrifice,” by Piero Della Francesco and valued at $30,000, did not go with the house, the court decided.

Found in the attic, the canvas was damaged in two places. Raphael D. Cubeddu, of New Britain, testifying as an expert, said he believed the painting had been done in Italy about 1472.

From the Tipton Daily Tribune (Tipton, Indiana), Monday, March 28, 1932.


Cemetery Plan Hit By Hospital Board

Middletown, Conn. (AP)– Trustees of the Connecticut Valley Hospital don’t want a veterans’ cemetery on land adjoining children’s cottages at the hospital.

At a weekend meeting, trustees arrived at the consensus that “locating a cemetery next to cottages which house mentally disturbed children is undesirable,” according to board chairman Abraham Lippman.

Lippman said Monday that Rep. William A. O’Neill, D-East Hampton, introduced a bill during the last General Assembly session that specified the site without checking with the hospital trustees. Lippman said the move showed “a lack of concern for patient care facilities and plans for the future development of new mental health programs on acreage intended for this use.”

Legislation passed during the 1971 legislative session requires the hospital trustees to transfer the land. But the trustees want the attorney general to tell them it doesn’t have to be the site near the children’s cottages.

From the Bridgeport Daily Post (Bridgeport, Conn.), Tuesday, March 28, 1972.

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