1895: Mrs. Wadsworth’s Will Proved

Two Charitable Bequests Made–Aid For the Poor in Middletown, Conn.

The will of Mrs. Cornelia Wadsworth, which was executed on March 9, has been admitted to probate. Mrs. Wadsworth died last Tuesday, leaving a large estate, the value of which is not mentioned. She makes numerous bequests to servants, friends and relatives, and also of a charitable nature.

Mrs. Wadsworth makes a bequest of the income on $10,000, which she leaves in trust with her son, Clarence Seymour Wadsworth, to the Orphanage of the Church of the Holy Trinity, now at No. 400 East Fiftieth-st. Upon his death he is to make such testamentary disposition of the fund as may seem proper, in view of the wishes of his mother and the interest she has taken in the orphanage. She also leaves $5,000 to they executors in trust, to pay the income in maintaining and supporting the worthy poor of Middletown, Conn, during the lives of her nephew, Elijah K. Hubbard, and her son, Clarence S. Wadsworth, or until a corporation has been formed authorized to receive the bequest, the corporation to be known as the “Cornelia Wadsworth Dole.” Among other bequests made are the following: John Hall, coachman, $2,000; Mary Jane Robinson, $2,000; Stephen H. Ting, jr., $1,000; Mrs. Fannie R. Ting, $10,000; Sewell Tappan Ting, $1,000; Reginald De Koven, $5,000; Anna F. De Koven, $250; Ethel Leroy De Koven, $5,000; C. S. R. De Koven, $5,000; his wife, Mrs. Mildred De Koven, $250; Alice De Koven, $400; Cornelia Wadsworth De Koven, $10,000; Aimee Alsop, $1,000; Joseph W., John De Koven, and Frank Oliver Alsop, each $500; John De Koven, $1,000; Helen Beach, $10,000; Mary Beach, the wife of Francis H. Johnson, $10,000; the Rev. John H. C. Swedes, $2,000; the Rev. John W. Craig, $100.

The testatrix gives her sister, Margaret De Koven Casey, the use and occupation of her late residence, at No. 87 Washington-st., Middletown, Conn., for life, and on her death the property is to go to Clarence Seymour Wadsworth. All the residue of the estate is left to her son, Clarence Seymour Wadsworth, absolutely.

From the New-York Tribune, April 9, 1895.

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