April 6 – Middletown 366


Birth of Kate Campbell Hurd-Mead

Kate Campbell Hurd-Mead was born in Canada and, once in Connecticut, rose to become a respected physician and healthcare pioneer for the Middletown community. In 1893, she married William Edward Mead, a professor at Wesleyan University. Hurd-Mead was a feminist force not to be ignored and she was one of the original founders of the Middlesex County Hospital in 1907. She remained the consulting gynecologists at Middlesex County Hospital until her retirement in 1925.

Perhaps one of Hurd-Mead’s most meaningful contributions to Middletown was her hand in the organization of the Middletown District Nurses Association, created in 1900. Additionally, she conducted her own extensive research on the presence women in medicine and published Medical Women of America in 1933. In 1938, she published A History of Women in Medicine: From the Earliest of Times to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century, a truly comprehensive history of women’s role in medicine.

Story contributed by Kimberly Singh.


Cleveland’s Anti-Indian Jargon Order

Middletown (Conn.), April 6th.–At today’s session of the New York East Methodist Conference resolutions were passed instructing the delegates to ask for the appointment of a committee to consider the matter of the recent order of the Federal Government prohibiting the use of the Indian bible in the Indian mission schools, especially requesting that consideration be given to the question as to whether the Government has the right to prohibit the use of native languages in institutions receiving no pecuniary support from the Government.

From The Record-Union (Sacramento, Calif.), Saturday, April 7, 1888.


Man Joins Navy When Eldest Son Called

WWII card
WWII card

Middletown, Conn., April 6–(AP)–At a dinner here tonight for a group of men from Portland who will join the armed forces next week, William Ackerman Sr., 43, arose and announced that he was among the group because of a promise he had made to himself.

The promise was that he would join if the eldest of his eight children was drafted.

When William Jr., 20, was notified recently to report for examination, Dad went along. Both were accepted by the Navy and will start their training next week at Sampson, N.Y.

It won’t be all new for Ackerman Sr. He served a hitch in the Navy shortly after World War I.

From the Del Rio News Herald (Del Rio, Texas), Friday, April 7, 1944.

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