April 10 – Middletown 366


Smith & Bishel Opens Its Doors

Smith & Bishel Hardware, now the oldest business on Main Street, opened its doors in April 1898. Frank H. Smith and Arthur H,. Bishel offered agricultural implements, seeds, and sporting goods in addition to hardware. They also displayed the results of the annual deer-hunting competition, as shown in this photograph circa 1900.


Spinster Weds at 68

Miss Rockwell of Middlefield Marries a Childhood Friend, Who is 73.

Special to The New York Times.

Middletown, Conn., April 10.–The large congregation at the Methodist Church at Middlefield was taken by surprise last evening when Miss Lucretia Rockwell, 68 years old, for many years town librarian, entered the church on the arm of Orrin Scott, 73, of Hamden, and, interrupting the sermon, requested the Rev. W. F. Cook to marry them. The service was a union meeting, there being present a large delegation from the Durham Methodist Church.

The service at the Congregational Church was adjourned and the pastor and the congregation hastened to the Methodist Church, arriving there in time to witness the ceremony. At Miss Rockwell’s request, the double-ring wedding ceremony was performed.

Miss Rockwell told her friends that she had known Mr. Scott in her girlhood, when he worked on her father’s farm. He had pleaded with her often to marry him, but she had always refused until last week, when she wrote him to come and be married. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooley of Marlborough, cousins of the bride, accompanied them to the altar.

From the New York Times (New York, N.Y.), Tuesday, April 11, 1911.


Find Bombs on Bank of River

(By Associated Press)

Middletown, Conn., April 10.--Several 50-pound aerial bombs, found along the Connecticut River bank here and in Portland yesterday, caused municipal officials much concern until they received assurances the missiles were not loaded.

Capt. Harry W. Generous of the 118th Observation Squadron, National Guard, said the bombs, packed two in a case, were washed away from the Brainard Field airport in Hartford during the flood in March.

From the Portsmouth, N. H. Herald, Friday, April 10, 1936.

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