April 14 – Middletown 366


Naval Engagement

Captain Sanford Thompson, the master of the Revolutionary War privateer, the schooner Bunker Hill, and three of his men were wounded in an engagement with the heavily armed British privateer Dolphin.  But two weeks later Thompson pulled into port with a captured British schooner, the Lee, loaded with a rich cargo of sugar, molasses, and rum.  The Bunker Hill owned by Middletown merchant Comfort Sage was one of 16 privateers supplied by Middletown for the war effort.

Story contributed by Deborah Shapiro.


Temperance Society

[For the Liberator.]

Middletown, April 16, 1833.

At a meeting of […] people of the city of Middletown, Conn. in their church, on the evening of the 14th inst. to take into consideration the cause of temperance, and the propriety of forming themselves into a society on the principal of total and entire abstinence from the use of ardent spirits, the following constitution was adopted.

Article 1st. This Society shall be called the Home Temperance Society of Middletown.

Art. 2d. Believing that the use of ardent spirits is unnecessary and injurious to health, and destructive of moral principles in individuals and community; the members of this Society pledge themselves to abstain entirely from its use, except as a medicine, and that they will not furnish it as an article of entertainment for their friends, or for those in their employ.

Art. 3d. Any person may become a member of this Society by subscribing to this constitution.

Art. 4th. The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and Secretary, and five Directors, who shall be chosen annually by an majority of the members present.

Art. 5th. The Directors shall have power to expel members who transgress the rules of this constitution, and shall open a correspondence with similar societies, and devise and execute such measures as shall promote the cause of temperance.

Art. 6th. The Secretary shall keep a record of the names of those who join this Society, and make a report once in three months of the progress of temperance among the […] people.

Art. 7th. The Treasurer shall hold all funds belonging to this Society, and pay orders drawn on him by order of the Directors.

At the adoption of this constitution, fifty gave in their names to abstain from the use of ardent spirits, and the following gentlemen were chosen officers for the ensuing year:

Rev. Jehiel C. Beman, President; Joseph Gilbert, Asa Jeffreys, Vice Presidents; Matthew M. Strong, Treasurer; L. C. Beman, Samuel Condol, Chas. Brooks, Enoch P. Freeman, Geo. W. Jeffrey, Directors; Amos G. Beman, Secretary.

Please to have the goodness to publish the above in the Liberator.

Yours respectfully,

Amos C. Beman, Secretary.

From The Liberator (Boston, Mass.), Saturday, May 11, 1833.

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