1958: Bucks Scientist Leaves $100,000 For Scholarships

Trust Set Up For Students of Chemistry

The will of Earl W. Flosdorf, 54, who shot his wife and himself last week, at their home in Forest Grove, provides a scholarship fund for chemistry students.

The wills of Flosdorf and his wife Esther are being probated in the office of Bucks County Register of Wills Frederick E. Ziegler.

Flosdorf was a research scientist who contributed many new inventions and methods for medical science.

Earl Flosdorf Scholarships

The wills name the Philadelphia National Bank as trustee. The scientist’s will sets aside $100,000 in trust to Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., the income to provide “Earl W. Flosdorf Scholarships” for promising students in chemistry.

For probate purposes Flosdorf’s estate is estimated at $50,000 and upwards in personal property with no real estate. His wife’s estate is estimated at $5,000 or more in personal property and $50,000 in real property. This includes real estate at Forest Grove, Greentown and Palmyra.

The trust also provides an income of $1,000 a year for the parents of the scientist, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Flosdorf. The scientist’s three sons are also heirs to his estate.

From the Bristol Daily Courier (Bristol, Pennsylvania), Tuesday, May 6, 1958.

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