1957: Weather Remarks Top Elevator Topic

But Discussion Follows Same Old Line

Middletown, Conn. (UP)–What do people talk about in elevators?

The weather, and it gets pretty boring, says Harry Scionti, Municipal Building elevator operator.

Nobody is original in their discourses on weather, he says. So yesterday he produced this chart of things people said in his elevator one day and how many times it was said:

Comments Listed

“Boy, it’s hot.”–14 times.

“Pretty warm”–11 times.

“We’re sweating it out today.”–2 times.

“Good day for the beach.”–22 times.

“We sure need rain.”–13 times.

“Hottest day of the year.”–6 times.

“It’s the humidity.”–5 times.

“I can hardly breathe.”–2 times.

From the Lubbock Evening Journal (Lubbock, Texas), Monday, May 13, 1957.

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