May 16 – Middletown 366



It appears by various papers from the southern and eastern states, that they felt the shock of the Earthquake we experienced here, the 16th ult. The eastern papers suppose its course run from West to East.

In Albany, the shock was smart for a few seconds, at 23 minutes past 10 o’clock–and but one shock.

In the East, it appears, they felt two distinct shocks.

Among all the phenomena in nature, this and the attraction of the needle, has puzzled philosophers the most; the cause remains as yet buried beyond the reach of human scan. Priestl[e]y attempts to familiarize the cause of earthquakes; but his experiments only serve to convince the world, that he was out of his depth. Franklin indeed found means to rob the clouds of their thunder and avert its effects. Some suppose earthquakes precede hot weather.

From the Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Conn.), Thursday, June 18, 1818.


Fiasco Fights at Middletown

Bouts at the Sampson A. C. Prove a Failure.

Middletown, Conn., May 16.–The boxing bouts before the Sampson Athletic Club last night proved a complete fizzle. Patsy Corrigan of Brooklyn refused to go on for his twenty round match with Billy Moore of St. Louis and Kid Lamar of Chicago was substituted. Lamar lasted but two rounds.

In the preliminary Billy Trueman of Brooklyn failed to appear for a go with Chick Tucker of New York, and Jack Fitzgerald of New Britain went in. The police stopped the bout in the third to prevent the latter from a knockout.

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), Thursday, May 16, 1901.

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