1892: Sensational Disclosures

A Prominent Connecticut Man Charged with Forgery and Highway Robbery.

Middletown, Conn., May 21.–The Herald prints a story to the following effect: The residents of Tylerville and vicinity are greatly stirred up over charges brought against Postmaster William S. Tyler by his nephew, Irving Shaler, aged 24. Tyler, besides being postmaster, is a director in the Middlesex bank and a prominent church man. Young Shaler accuses him of having forged his (Shaler’s) mother’s name to a $1000 check and also of highway robbery. Last fall Mrs. Shaler went away on a visit, and while she was gone Tyler claimed a check for $1000 was missing. He accused Shaler of the theft, but the latter denied it.

Recently Shaler instituted an investigation in order to vindicate himself, with the result that he discovered that some of his mother’s securities had been […]ed in Boston by Tyler. When the check for $1000 was received Shaler claims that Tyler signed his mother’s name to it and deposited it for collection. Shaler claimed that he has forced Tyler to admit that he had forged the check. About three weeks ago Shaler notified the police that he had been held up on the road and robbed of $300. He now claims that his uncle was the highwayman and that the latter admitted it and returned the $300. Parties interested say there will be no prosecution, as matters have been satisfactorily arranged.

From The Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts), Saturday, May 21, 1892.

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