May 24 – Middletown 366


Colonel Meig’s Raid

On this day, Middletown resident Col. Return Jonathan Meigs staged a raid on British forces stationed at Sag Harbor, Long Island. Meigs commanded 13 whaleboats with 220 men. Crossing Long Island Sound, they surprised the enemy at night, burned 12 British ships, and captured 90 prisoners without a loss of American life. Earlier in the war, he had been captured in Benedict Arnold’s raid on Canada, but was paroled and returned to service. After the war, he was one of the founders of Ohio and a federal agent to the Native Americans in Tennessee.

Story contributed by Kimberly Singh.


Joseph Thomas Logano is Born

Joseph Thomas “Joey” Logano was born in Middletown, CT on May 24, 1990 to Deborah and Thomas Logano. He began his racing career at age six in the quarter midget race in Connecticut in 1996. Logano is now a professional stock car racing driver. He became the youngest driver to win a NASCAR Nationwide Series when at 18 years old, 21 months, he won the Meijer 300 at the Kentucky Speedway in the 2008 Nationwide Series. This was just his third start. Logano also became the youngest winner in the Sprint Cup Series in its history. He won the 2009 Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway at 19 years, 35 days old.

Currently, Logano is the youngest winner in two of three of NASCAR’s top divisions.

Story contributed by Kimberly Singh.

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