1891: Risked His Life For a Child

Middletown, Conn., May 25.–Brakeman C. D. Armstrong heroically rescued a little child in the freight yard last night. He was on a car which was “kicked” into a siding at a lively rate, and was almost on to a little girl who was playing on a track before he saw her. He shouted to her, but the little one did not seem to hear him, or else was unable to move through fear. Armstrong set the brake of his car hard and jumped. He succeeded in snatching the little one and threw her to one side, saving her life. Before he could recover from the exertion sufficiently to save himself the car was on him and he was struck a severe blow in the shoulder. It knocked him a distance of ten feet, but he escaped serious injury.

From the Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas), Tuesday, May 26, 1891.

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