May 30 – Middletown 366


No Mercy For Erring Sisters

Middletown, Conn., May 30.–Two women from this city whose daily visits to Portland have been distasteful to the good women of that place were summarily punished Saturday. As usual, they paid an afternoon visit to the Portland quarries and met some men in a grove. The women reformers of Portland were hiding behind some trees. They assailed the Middletown women with a volley of stones and crippled one of them. Both women were able, however, to make their escape to this city, where their wounds were dressed. The Portland quarrymen who witnessed the assault only laughed at the distress of their former companions.

From The Evening Times (Washington, D. C.), Tuesday, May 30, 1899.


Welcome Home, Doughboys!

On May 30, 1919, the community honored the sacrifices of the soldiers of World War I in Middletown’s Welcome Home Parade. Schoolgirls marched through Middletown with servicemen looking on. The Washington Green dedicated a World War I monument listing 37 soldiers from Middletown who died in the service during 1917-1918.

The gentleman on the white horse is Samuel Russell, Jr.
The gentleman on the white horse is Samuel Russell, Jr.
Story contributed by Kimberly Singh.


Police Radio in Movies

Police calls of Middletown’s (Conn.) new police radio system recently crept into the sound system of a movie house, near headquarters. Experts finally fixed it.

From The Daily Herald (Chicago, Illinois), Friday, May 30, 1941.


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