1948: Woman Offers Furnished House and Wife (Herself) For an Affectionate Husband

Middletown, Conn. (UP)–Nellie Wolan, a 34-year-old blonde made the outstanding proposal of the leap year today.

She offered a furnished 6-room house, complete with wife (herself) to any eligible bachelor who meets her needs for “an affectionate husband.”

Miss Wolan, who made the offer over a local radio station’s swap-shop program, was quick to point out that it was not a lack of suitors that caused her to appeal publicly.

“I’ve got lots of boy friends,” she explained. “But there’s always a catch. Either they have lots of money and are dull, or have plenty of personality and no money. My man must be in between.”

She said she already has turned down four marriage proposals this year.

The soft spoken Miss Wolan said that one of her most important requirements in a bridegroom was that he be affectionate.

“That’s because I’m pretty affectionate myself,” she murmured.

She’s not interested in a husband with lots of money, just enough to live on comfortably. “I think someone who earns about $5,000 a year would be just fine,” she said.

Looks are another thing that don’t rank high in Miss Wolan’s specifications. All she asks is that he be between 35 to 50 years old, tall and dark. The handsome part doesn’t enter into the rules.

She assured any bashful suitor that she would solve the problem of popping the question.

“I’m not the least bit bashful about asking the right man,” she said.

From the Lead Daily Call (Lead, South Dakota), Thursday, June 3, 1948.

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