1923: Outlines Motor Trip to Middletown, Conn.

To alumni and friends of Wesleyan University, who contemplate this week attending the annual commencement at Middletown, Conn., the following automobile route, recommended by Norman Johnstone, secretary of Wyoming Valley Motor Club, at the best, will be of practical interest:

Wilkes-Barre 0
Pocono Summit 37
Stroudsburg 51
Dingham’s Ferry 76
Layton 79.5
Branchville 87.5
Lafayette 92.4
Franklin Furnace 99.7
New foundland 111.6
Prompton 122.6
Suffern 134.6
West Nyack 145.3
Nyack (Cross Ferry) 147.8
Tarrytown 148.9
White Plains 156
Bedford 170
Danbury 193
Waterbury 224
Meriden 239
Middletown 248
From the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Monday, June 11, 1923.

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