June 12 – Middletown 366


Middletown, June 12

Sunday last two brothers by the name of Barns, were taken up on suspicion of being concerned in several burglaries; one of them acknowledged the facts, and turned evidence, from whom it was discovered that they had a cave a few miles from this city, in which were found the goods of Mr. Lemuel Storrs, and a great variety of other articles which had been lately stolen from this and the neighboring towns. They had with them more than 30 keys, which on trial would unlock almost every store in town.

On the above evidence two persons by the name of Osborn were taken in Waterbury, for being accomplices with the Barns’–on examination, Daniel Osborn, Peter Osborn, and Noah Barns, were ordered to be committed to gaol in Haddam, for trial next Superior Court in this County; and David Barns was likewise committed, to secure his testimony against them.

From the Hampshire Chronicle (Springfield, Massachusetts), Wednesday, June 16, 1790.

Middletown, Thursday, June 12, 1817.


James Monroe, by John Vanderlyn [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
James Monroe, by John Vanderlyn [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Notwithstanding the unobtrusive manner in which the President travels, and his known desire to avoid parade, it is announced, in all the cities, that it is in contemplation to treat him with distinguished respect, and to receive him with such salutations as beseem the citizens of a Republic. In this design there appears to be a rivalship in courtesy between the political parties, indicative, not only of the melioration of party asperity, but of the prevalence of a lofty national spirit.

Nat’l Int.


The President departed from this city on Saturday, for the northward, in pursuance of the intention we some time ago announced, to make a tour of observation through the Eastern and Northern States and Territories. Health and happiness attend him! Gen. Swift, Chief of Engineers, who is to accompany him, waits his arrival in Baltimore. On the same day, the President’s family took the road for his seat in Virginia.  Ib.

From The Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Conn.), Thursday, June 12, 1817.

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