1906: Motor Boat and Deer

Exciting Race Ends in Escape of Frightened Animal After Long Chase.

Middletown, Conn.–F. S. Peck of this city and E. N. Peck of East Haddam had an exciting race one day recently with a doe in the river opposite the Champion House at East Haddam.

The Pecks were running up the river in their fast motor boat when they saw a doe swimming out of the mouth of the Salmon river and headed across the Connecticut toward the west shore. The river is very wide at this point and the occupants of the boat decided to catch the deer before she reached the Tylerville shore. The deer saw their intention and swam with great speed, but the boat finally drewe alongside so that the occupants could touch the animal’s head. As soon as the doe touched bottom near the Tylerville shore she gave a tremendous jump, then leaped a fence and sped up across the railroad and disappeared in the woods.

Last summer some people who were cruising near Essex saw a buck swimming the river, and on drawing alongside one of the occupants tried to grasp the animal’s horns. Thereupon the deer lifted a front hoof from the water and gave the boatman a lunge in the chest which nearly shoved him into the water.

From The Chanute Daily Tribune (Chanute, Kansas), Friday, June 15, 1906.

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