1924: City Official Outing at Laurel Brook

City official outing 1924
Click for larger image.

From the back of the photograph:

Front row: Oscar Welker, Daton Baldwin, Phil Stueck, Kent Thompson, Phil Anderson, Bill Clew, Eugene Mead, Perry Closon, Joseph Roano, Burt Lane, Sam Mattes, Dr. George E. Bitgood.

Second row: George Tierney, Allen Holmes, Bart Stone, ———, ———, Art McDowell, Charlie Fisk, ———, Elton Clark, ———, John Rogers, ———, Phil Bergren, John Connery, ———.

Back row: Fred Phelps, John Tobin, Phil Brown, Frank Neville, Fred B. Fountain, J. Warren Mylchreest, Bob Spear, ———,  Gordon Baldwin, Al Hughes (?), Joe Kinsella, Al Herd, Assel Packard, ———, Carroll Campbell, ———, Chief of Fire Dept George Pitt, Chief of Police Charles A. Anderson, Sheriff Burt Thompson, Captain of Police Joseph Dunn, Charles Chafee.

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