1843: Revolutionary Soldiers

For The Constitution.

Mr. Editor–It is rumored that the Revolutionary soldiers of this town and Portland, are to be our Guests at the celebration on the 4th. This is right–it makes our heart glad to clasp their hands, on such an occasion; in fact, we never looked upon the venerable heads and furrowed faces of the war worn veterans, without feeling that honor and gratitude are due to the old heroes of ’76. Time and disease are fast thinning their ranks, many who met us around the festive board, five years ago, have retired from the scenes of mortal warfare, and gone to join the long list of patriots and heroes who were their associates in the struggle for Independence.

A coincidence occurred in 1826, without a parallel in the records of man; on the fourth day of July, two of these patriarchs of the Revolution who were the principal agents in securing the Independence of the country, Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration, and John Adams, the able and celebrated advocate of that celebrated paper, both died within an hour, on the fiftieth Anniversary of our American Independence, exclaiming with the excess of their patriotic enthusiasm, with their dying breath, “Independence now and forever.”

We feel the deepest veneration for all those who have shared in the toil and dangers of honorable service–many of them are men of private worth, and we can meet them but a few times more on a similar occasion, we say let them be invited and such attentions shown as shall convince them that we fully appreciate their valuable boon, transmitted to our hands.

From The Constitution (Middletown, Conn.), June 21, 1843.

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