July 4 – Middletown 366

July 4, 1797.

The anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America was this Day celebrated with great pleasure and harmony by a numerous concourse of the inhabitants of Middletown, North Society–and at Table the following Toasts were drank, accompanied by a Discharge of Artillery, (viz.)

1st. The United States of America–may her Independence never be shaken by foreign machination or civil discord.

2d. The illustrious and suffering Patriots who have labored and bled for our freedom and Independence.

3d. The People and government of the United States–may they ever remain inseparable.

4th. Our American Sons of Freedom–may they never want the prudence to avoid giving offence to, nor courage and ability to chastise the insolence of their enemies.

5th. Our American Fair–may they continue to shine as examples of neatness and industry, for which they have been so justly celebrated.

6th. May the American Flag acquire and ever support respectability among all nations.

7th. Our seafaring brothers.

8th. Our absent friends.

9th. Agriculture–may it so be improved here as to make this country the great mart of the world.

10th. Our civil officers of justice–may we ever consider them as the guardians of our peace and domestic happiness.

11th. Our military officers and soldiery–may their courage and skill ever be our national safeguard.

12th. Charity and brotherly love.

13th. The respectable order of clergy.

14th. Our youth–may they be the future supporters of our independence and virtue.

15th. Peace and prosperous commerce with all the world.

16th. The inhabitants of Middletown.

17th. The 4th of July, 1776–may we never forget this birth-day of our Independence nor cease annually to celebrate it.

From the Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Conn.), Friday, July 7, 1797.



Middletown, Conn., July 4.–(AP)–John S. Roth, tax commissioner, has resigned because he figured his salary was too big.

“I have not the nerve to draw $3,500 for 12 months’ work and only give the city about six months of actual work,” he said. “This job should be a part-time proposition or combined with another job.”

From the Ludington Daily News (Ludington, Michigan), Friday, July 4, 1930.

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