1776: Order to Capt. George Hubbard

In looking over some old papers in his possession the other day, Mr. L. C. Hubbard found an old order, dated at Middletown, Conn., July 9, 1776, directed to his grandfather, Capt. George Hubbard, at the time an officer in the Continental army during the Revolution. The order was signed by Col. Comfort Sage and read as follows: “Fairfield was burned yesterday. The enemy are coming in large force from Kingsbridge. They seem to aim at Greenwich in this State. The fleet and those troops that landed at New Haven lie under Long Island shore. You are immediately ordered on receipt of this to bring in all your cartridges and loose powder and deliver the same to the select men and see that every man is fully supplied with powder and cartridges, and hold yourself in readiness to march at the shortest notice with your whole company and five days’ provisions.”–Sampson Democrat, April 16th.

From the Wilmington Messenger (Wilmington, North Carolina), Friday, April 17, 1896.

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