1791: Local News

Middletown, July 16

Thursday last the old Meeting-house, in this City, was struck by lightning, but not much damaged.


New, Fresh and Cheap.

The Subscribers, at the Store formerly improved by Chauncey Bulkley, Esq., have a general Assortment of European and West-India GOODS, suitable for the present Season,

among which are:

A Large, elegant and beautiful variety of Chinzes, Callicoes and Shawls–superfine, middling and coarse Broadcloths–elastick Cloths, Sattinets–Lashings–Jeans–Fustians–Shalloons–Callimancoes–Tammies–Durants–Moreens–Irish Linens and Sheeting–silk and Cotton Hose–Rib’d Cotton and Hemp Hose–Cambricks–Lawns–Muslins and Muslinetts–Muslin Apron Patterns–Handkerchiefs and Cravats–Lawn Handkerchiefs and Aprons–Silk, Cotton and Linen Handkerchiefs–Sattins–Modes–Sarsnets Tiffany–White and black Gauzes–Leno Lawns–Variety of Ribbons and Laces–Mens Leather Gloves–Ladies do.–Silk and worsted Mitts–Ladies and Gentlemens fashionable Beaver Hatts–common Castor Hatts for Men and Boys–Felt do.–Silk and Twists of various colours–Womens Fans of various kinds–Writing Paper, Ink-Powder, Bibles, Spelling-Books, and Primers–Large assortment of Shoe-Buckles–Knee Buckles–Coat and Vest Buttons–Imperial Mohair Buttons–variety of Knives and Forks–Penknives & Cutteaus–Raisors–Shears and Scissors–Looking Glasses–plain and figur’d Oil-Cloths–Ivory and Horn Combs–Door Trimmings–Snuff and Tobacco Boxes–Table and Tea Spoons–Double and single spring Chest Locks–Padlock–Carpenters Rules and Compasses–Needles and Pins–Awls and Tacks–10d and 8d Nails–Gimblets–Wool and Cotton Cards–Curry Combs–Stock Locks–Good assortment of Files–Draw and Desk Trimmings–Sickles–Iron Shovels–Hand Saws–Brass Kettles–German and blistered Steel–Large Assortment of Crockery–Corn Fans–W. I. & N. E. Rum–Molasses–Tea–Coffee–Chocolate–Pepper–Allspice–Ginger Allum–Coperas–Tobacco–Snuff–together with a number of Articles useful and ornamental.

The above Articles will be sold for Cash, Country Produce, and good Credit, as cheap as can be purchased in any Store in the State.


From The Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Conn.), Saturday, July 16, 1791.

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