1876: Local Items

There is no improvement in the condition of Sheriff Lewis.

Mrs. Hayden, relict of the late John O. Hayden, of this city, died at her residence on Main street this morning.

Prof. J. Johnston received a note from Prof. Prentice, this morning, saying that his wife was failing, and would not probably live many days.

The weather to-day has been about as hot as ever, the thermometer indicating 95 in the shade.

It is predicted that the present heated term is to end with the most terrific thunder storm the country has ever witnessed. Lightning rod men are cheerful and hopeful.

Officer Wilcox has the governor of York Island under lock and key at the jail, but thinks that he is temporarily insane, and needs treatment at the hospital, where he will probably be sent.

The Hook and Ladder boys weighed their new truck again, last evening and found that its weight had not diminished any during the hot weather, but that 4200 pounds was just its weight. The purchasing committee have held correspondence with the builder of the truck, and he claims that it should not weigh more than 2800 pounds, and gives the weight of every portion of the truck. He is expected in the city at an early day, and will probably make everything all right.

Newspapers in the large cities, are talking up the supply of ice. Messrs. Perkins and Neale in this city think that they have more than enough for our residents, through the season, and that they shall not supply outside parties to the detriment of their customers.

From The Daily Constitution (Middletown, Conn.), Thursday, July 20, 1876.

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