1911: Feeds Two For Week on Fifty-Two Cents

Middletown, Conn., August 6.–Because his ability to live on twenty-five cents a week for food has been questioned, George H. Ward., 75 years old, the champion pedestrian of the Connecticut Valley, has invited the editor of the Britain Herald to come to Middletown and to spend a week’s vacation with him. Ward promised to keep the editor well fed and to return him to his home feeling better than ever before in all his life, although the food for both will cost but fifty-two cents for the week.

The principal article on Ward’s menu is oatmeal, or some similar cereal, of which he has a good-sized plateful for breakfast. At noon he dines lightly on peanut butter and crackers. For supper he has oatmeal or some other cereal again. Tea is the only stimulant he ever uses. On Sundays he usually enjoys a treat of pancakes, but this is his only luxury.

From The Greenfield Daily Reporter (Greenfield, Ind.), August 7, 1911.

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