August 17 – Middletown 366


General Parson’s Fight

Samuel Holden Parsons home in Middletown
Samuel Holden Parsons home in Middletown

On this day, Brigadier General Samuel Holden Parsons of Middletown commanded more than 2500 men and participated in the fighting against the British commander Lord Sterling at Battle Hill in Brooklyn, New York. He was also credited with being the first Colonial leader to call for a meeting of a Continental Congress of the American colonies. He was a member of the board of officers who tried and sentenced to death Benedict Arnold’s accomplice Major John Andre. At war’s end, he returned to Middletown to resume his law practice and was elected to the General Assembly. Later he moved to Ohio and was appointed the first chief judge of the Northwest Territory.

Story contributed by Deborah Shapiro.


Turtle Story

In 1818 Alfred Hubbard, who lives in Long Hill society, Middletown, Conn., caught a box turtle, marked it with his initials, A. H., 1818, and let it go. It was not seen again until 1846, when his son, S. C. Hubbard, found it and marked it S. C. H., 1846. Another son discovered the turtle in 1851 and marked it F. W. H., 1851. Since that time it has not been seen until recently, when another son found the old veteran in his father’s garden among the strawberry plants. He also marked him E. N. H., 1882, and set him at liberty.

From The Democratic Press (Ravenna, Ohio), August 17, 1882.

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