1893: Large Sales and Easy Collections

Middletown, Conn., Aug. 20.–While several of the large manufacturing establishments in this city are temporarily closed, there is no destitution. Many merchants report large cash sales and easier collections than during any previous August. The quarrymen at the Portland, Cromwell and Maromas quarries are the most affected, as money for the sale of stone is not easily obtained.

The Goodyear Rubber Company is running full time, with no reduction in pay, and with cash payments to the help. The Wilcox-Crittendon Company, ship chandlery hardware, expect to resume work with full force on the 28th. W. G. Douglas’s employes will work five days a week. L. D. Brown & Sons’ Company will work three days a week for the rest of the month. The Hatch Cutlery Company is putting on more men. The Rockwell Woollen Company is working full hours, with plenty of work, and paying the help in cash.

The Rogers & Hubbard Company, bone and ivory goods, is hiring hands. The William Wilcox Company is running full time. The Schuyler Electric Company is not going to abandon the plant here. The Middletown Blast Company is working on short time. The temporary closing of the Bissell & Schuyler Company has thrown 1,400 hands out of employment, many being boys and girls. There is no sign of a panic here. The general feeling is that when Congress repeals the silver purchase clause, every factory will be working overtime in order to fill orders now on hand.

From the New-York Tribune (New York, New York), Monday, August 21, 1893.

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