1799: Slaughterhouse on Main Street

A Slaughter-House is soon to be built in the city of Middletown, on the main Street, between the Church and the Meeting-house. Materials for the purpose are now on the ground.

Where is the most improper place for such a building?–Where the citizens live the thickest–where the ground is low–where filth, through want of running water, adheres and putrifies in covered ways–That is the place contemplated.

When, from the universal silence, the person who thinks to build, imagines himself to have the approbation of the public : When, at great expense, he shall have completed the building, will it not be unjust to deny him the use of it.

Oppressed with sickness, Hartford casts her eye on Slaughter-Houses, as among the causes of her calamity. Blessed with health, Middletown, regardless of consequences, supinely permits her citizens to build them.

From the Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Conn.), Friday, August 30, 1799.

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