September 4 – Middletown 366


Bankers’ Nine Win!

We’re not sure what they won, though …

The Bankers' Nine
The Bankers’ Nine


The Bankers' Nine - back of photograph
The Bankers’ Nine – back of photograph


Poisoned at a Wedding Feast

Middletown, Conn., Sept. 4.–Death may be the result of a wedding feast that was given here yesterday. Twenty-five persons were poisoned, and one, a woman, is still in a critical condition.

It was a social event of importance, the marriage of Harry Fisher and Miss E. Parmlee. The principal people in town were there. After the ceremony a large reception was given at the home of the bride’s parents. There were congratulatory speeches and good things to eat and drink.

It may have been the ice cream caused the trouble. If so the discovery will relieve the affair of all disquieting mystery. Tyro-toxicon, or ice cream poisoning, is an established danger entirely independent of evil intent. Prof. Atwater of Wesleyan college, who is learned in the chemistry of articles of food, has taken the remains of the cream for analysis.

From the Leader-Democrat (Springfield, Missouri), Tuesday, September 5, 1899.

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