1979: Actor Leaves Hospital

Middletown, Conn. (UPI)–Oscar-winning actor Art Carney, 13-pounds thinner and feeling “great,” left a Middletown hospital today for a month’s rest at his summer home on the Connecticut shoreline.

Carney, 60, best known for his role as the bumbling, caustic Ed Norton in the television series “The Honeymooners,” was released from Middlesex Memorial Hospital following a two-week stay.

Carney checked in after completing work on a new film when his doctor ordered relaxation and a number of tests. He was in intensive care for a few days with elevated blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.

“I think I’ll watch my diet and stay away from any form of the grape. You know what the grape is–the sauce,” Carney told reporters in a hospital conference room.

He said he checked into Middlesex at 210-pounds and now weighs 197-pounds. He wants to diet down to 185 before beginning work on a new film in Monte Carlo Oct. 15 with Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

Carney, who was steered into the room in a wheelchair, did an impersonation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (the only role he still wants to play) for a captive audience of reporters and hospital personnel.

He praised his hosts–the hospital–for their food and service.

“The food has been excellent here,” said Carney, though he was restricted to a low cholesterol diet. “The food tasted just like at home. I might get sick next week just to come back.”

“But I wouldn’t call it exactly a honeymoon. There are bed checks you know,” he quipped.

Carney, who was wearing his own blue robe and a hospital issue polka-dot nightshirt and draw-string white pants, said he planned to take it easy at his summer home in Westbrook, exercise more, eat less and generally slow down.

“I’ve learned once again to watch out for the danger signals,” he said. “I guess I’m a workaholic. I’ve got to recognize the signals and watch out for them so this thing doesn’t happen again.”

Carney won an Academy Award in 1974 for his performance in the film “Harry and Tonto.”

From the Logansport Pharos-Tribune (Logansport, Indiana), Thursday, September 6, 1979.

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