September 8 – Middletown 366


Middletown, Sept. 8, A. D. 1789, in the 45th Year of his Age, departed this Life, Deacon SETH DOOLITTLE, who left a Widow and three Children, with Brothers, Sisters, and Acquaintance to mourn the Loss of a dear Friend; one who wore a delectable Aspect, a generous Deportment, and an affable Genius to all Mankind, who was the same at Home as abroad, slow of Judgment in Disputes, and a Peace-Maker where called in Contentions, who was a Moses in Speech, a Simeon for Meekness, a Solomon in Wisdom, a Job in Afflictions, and a Philip in the House of his God; and every other Accomplishment to render him serviceable in the World, and was found in Obedience thereto; and a Completion for Death, so with the Apostle, for him to live in Christ, but to die is Gain.’

From the Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Connecticut), Saturday, September 19, 1789.


Bride on Exhibition

Friends of Girl, Secretly Married, Inflict Novel Penalty

Special to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the New York World.

Middletown, Conn., Sept. 8.–When her fellow employes at Meech & Stoddard, Inc., learned today that Miss Angie Scory of Higganum was secretly married to Elliott Dittman on Labor Day, they bound her hand and foot and put her on exhibition in the show window with a wreath on her head and bouquet in her hands.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Friday, September 9, 1927.

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