1910: Talented Young Lady Carried Away in Auto

Middletown, Conn., Sept. 16.–Miss Electra Warner, eighteen years old, an accomplished musician and organist at the Baptist Church in Cromwell, was mysteriously spirited away from the town by two men in an automobile after being enticed from the church, where she was attending a rehearsal of the choir.

The family of Howard Broadman, with whom she has made her home, believe she has been kidnapped, and they are anxiously seeking news of her whereabouts.

Miss Warner came to live with the Broadmans six years ago. Her mother, who was poor, was unable to care for the child, and she was pleased to give her into the care of Mr. and Mrs. Broadman. Since coming to the Broadmans Miss Warner has been well educated.

Mrs. Broadman was with her at the Baptist Church Saturday night when a well dressed stranger came in and told the young women there was a man outside who wished to see her. Miss Warner was surprised and demurred at going, but the man laughingly told her she would know the person outside when she saw him.

Persons outside the church say they saw two men seize Miss Warner and force her into an automobile, which was driven away at a rapid pace, the girl struggling with her captors. Mr. Broadman refused to discuss the case tonight, but from the neighbors it was learned the girl had been corresponding with her mother, who had been trying unsuccessfully to get Miss Warner to return to her. It was said that Mr. Broadman had found a letter from the girl addressed to her mother in Bridgeport, and that he had been there, but could get no trace of Miss Warner.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, California), Saturday, September 17, 1910.

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