1901: Further Talk of Plots

A Connecticut Lawyer Gives Information to Secret Service Men.

Middletown, Conn., Sept. 21.–Eugene Culver, an attorney of this city, has placed in the hands of the Secret Service officers at Washington, D. C., all the facts that have been given to him regarding a plot to assassinate McKinley here last June had he visited Wesleyan University then, as was planned.

The news leaked out through a drunken man’s talk in a saloon. This man, whose name is Cyzak, or something like it, came here, it is said, from Paterson, N. J., several months ago. He was seen by his fellow-workmen to be very jubilant when news was received of the shooting of the President. He and his companions acknowledge that they are anarchists. What Cyzak said was this:

“I’m glad McKinley is dead. He would have been killed here last June; I know that, for all plans had been made.”

The shooting was to have been done at the parade or at the reception. When asked where plans were made, he replied not here, but elsewhere. Then he seemed to realize that he had said too much and he got out of sight as soon as possible and has not been seen since.

George Coles, a New York school book agent, came here yesterday on business. He notified the prosecuting attorney that a resident of South Farms told him that he had heard a man say he would as soon shoot Roosevelt or any other ruler as he would a skunk. This man was a Pole. Mr. Coles stated that he was positive that the man had made this threat.

From The Washington Times (Washington, D. C.), Sunday, September 22, 1901.

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