1874: Local Items

We have been requested to ask when the police commissioners are going to examine into the complaint of the city treasurer against policeman Raymond.

The new city clock will be put up in about three weeks from the present date. It is being made by Messrs. E. Howard & Co., of Boston, who are among the largest clock manufacturers in the country.

Town taxes must be paid this month to avoid the additional one per cent per month. Collector Leonard can be found at 68 Main street every Friday and Saturday.

Prof. J. C. Van Benschoten of this city will read his paper on “Schlieman’s Investigations at Troy,” which was read before the American Theological Society, at Hartford, last August, this evening, at Judd Hall, Wesleyan University, before the Scientific Association.

Sulphur vapor baths can be had on application at No. 11 Hamlin street.

The eminent and well known comedian Mr. Stoddart, will appear at McDonough Hall, Tuesday evening, Sept 29th, in his unexcelled impersonations of Michael Garner in the new comedy drama, entitled “Dearer than Life,” supported by a good company. Tickets can be had at popular prices.

Charles Gilbert, who murdered Cadwell in New Britain several years ago, has been decided by a council of physicians to be insane, and has been removed from the state prison at Wethersfield to the hospital in this city.

The supreme court of the state having decided the Chester depot case to the extent that the action of the railroad commissioners in approving of the abolition of the depot was correct, but was not legal in affixing a proviso relating to a highway, the whole matter is to be reopened, and the Valley road, yesterday, through its president, J. C. Walkley, applied for a hearing, which was ordered for October 22d, a month’s notice being necessary for adverse parties.

The Hartford papers still claim that the police of that city did all the work of capturing the thief who stole Mr. Cole’s horse. All we have to say is that if this is a fair exhibition of their skill and shrewdness, the Hartford people have precious little to boast of in their police department. It is so small that it needs puffing by their city papers in order to have the public see it at all. If the officers had done their duty, as they should, why has Officer Packard sent down word by a friend, to have the Middletown correspondent keep quiet over the matter? Why? Notwithstanding their denial, a full description of the thief, horse and buggy was sent them at the time, and yet it had been in their city all the time, driven about the streets, and they not able to detect it. No wonder they feel ashamed over it. For ourselves, we have no wish to trouble or molest the Hartford police department. We have said what we have, because it was so apparent in this case, that the police of that city were “wholly on the make,” not caring from which side the money came. If the Hartford people or papers are satisfied with such transactions, well and good, only do not boast of it.

From The Daily Constitution (Middletown, Connecticut), Tuesday, September 22, 1874.


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