1843: A Horrid Murder!

Was committed in Westfield Society, in this town, this afternoon, on the person of Mrs. Bacon, wife of Mr. Eben Bacon, one of the most respectable farmers of this place.

It is supposed to have been committed between the hours of one and two o’clock. When the family returned from meeting, she was found on the floor with one eye torn out, a gash across the forehead, with her skull broken in. She undoubtedly defended herself, as a chair was found broken to pieces near her, and a knife. She was lifeless.–The house was robbed of the money it contained. It is hoped that every friend to justice and humanity will exert himself to the utmost to discover the perpetrators of one of the most daring murders ever committed in this State.

Middletown, Sept. 24, 1843.

From the Daily Times of Monday.

A man was arrested in this city to-day, and examined on suspicion of his having committed the murder in Middletown yesterday. His story was contradictory, but there was not sufficient evidence against him to warrant his detention, and he was accordingly discharged. The murder was one of the most cold-blooded affairs we ever heard of. Such cases do not occur often in New England. We hear sometimes of a murder committed under the excitement of passion, in quarrels, &c., but not for plunder merely. The murderers will assuredly meet with justice–they cannot, in all probability, go unpunished.

We learn by a slip brought by the cars this afternoon, that two foreign peddlers were arrested in New Haven this morning. It is supposed from various circumstances that they are the murderers.

A store was broken open and robbed in Meriden on Friday night last, and two peddlers, probably the same who are now arrested, were suspected. They were seen about there during the day.

Intense excitement prevailed in Middletown and Meriden this morning. The persons arrested are about 40 years of age, and have been peddling razors on the road from Meriden, Middletown, &c.

Tuesday.–The two men arrested in New Haven, have been examined and discharged.

Wednesday.–Two men named Bell and Roberts, have been arrested in Middletown. They resided near Middletown, and it is believed they are guilty.

We learn by the driver of the Middletown stage of Thursday, that the persons arrested had not been examined when the stage left. The people were active in searching for facts, but nothing new had transpired.

From The Times (Hartford, Connecticut), Saturday, September 30, 1843.


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